Top Moving Apps

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Before you begin planning your relocation to Frisco, TX, be sure to tap into the innovative phone-and-tablet moving “Apps” currently on the market.  Designed to help you streamline the entire moving process, these apps virtually manage all of your budgeting, organizing and packing needs each step of the way.  Here’s an overview of some excellent free and easy applications to help you move.

Stay on top of your task list.  Moving Guru for iPhone and Blackberry and MoveTools by State Farm insurance company both provide comprehensive moving checklists beginning several weeks out from the move and guiding you throughout the entire process.  These applications also provide general moving tips and packing guidelines.  MoveTools even has a feature that allows you to create online labels that can be scanned by your smart phone.

Estimate cost quickly and accurately.  Calculating a moving estimate can be tricky.  Apple’s iMoving and MoveMatch for Android are two apps tailored to help you with this critical step. Both operate similarly by providing users with a survey to enter all their possessions room by room—and in the end, you’ll have an approximate volume of all the items you’re moving.  Having that number will make it much easier to get a more precise estimate of relocating to Frisco, TX.  iMoving also allows you to request a moving quote or to e-mail the report to your selected moving company.

Hire the most qualified movers.  My Move app for Apple and Android users primarily focuses on the moving company.  From tips on selecting the best relocation company to researching reviews of potential movers, this app will assist you in making a smart decision in terms of who you hire to manage the move.   Allied Van Lines offers its own application for requesting a quote and tracking a shipment—not quite as handy as the My Move app but still a helpful option.

Run a stress-free moving day.  It’s very easy for moving day to feel out of control but iPhone’s Moving Day app will help you stay on top of it all.  User-friendly features include tools to catalog all your belongings, track the delivery of your boxes and record any damages or missing items.   You can even print or e-mail the inventory through your phone, as well as process insurance claims with value tracking and damage reports.

Apps like these will quickly have you feeling virtually packed and moved so you can focus on the excitement of relocating to Frisco, TX