May Flowers Bring your New Patio to Life

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Patio SpaceThere’s nothing prettier than Spring in Texas.  And if you are getting settled into a new home in Frisco, then your new patio space is a blank canvas just waiting for color!  You’ll find your patio to be a welcome retreat in your very own backyard.  Even though Texas winters are short and mild, the coming of Spring and Summer are cause for celebrations, family time and even more outdoor living!   Here are some tips to create a glorious outdoor space that can be the family’s favorite gathering space for the season.

Luckily, your new home in Frisco is surrounded by nurseries and other retail locations that are chock-full of bright annuals, pots of every style and color and even yard and patio art pieces to liven up your patio and create your own personal outdoor living area.  While the annuals will steal your eye and your heart, remember there are also interesting and drought-resistant plants to weave into your garden landscape to add texture and a calming green backdrop for color.  Flowers and shrubbery can serve as focal points as well as provide cozy borders and privacy.  Be sure to water all new landscape adequately, to give it the best chance possible to stay healthy, grow and bloom.

And then there’s furniture.  Today’s outdoor furniture runs the gamut from simple iron and resin pieces to overstuffed, cushioned pieces that, along with outdoor TV’s can literally move the family room outdoors!  Take some time to think about how your family and guests might use the patio space of your new home in Frisco, TX.  What is the mood you’re striving to create—easy entertaining, luxury oasis or flexible and family-friendly?  Once you’ve determined that, play around with the style and placement of  furniture to achieve your perfect patio.

One advantage of living in a new home in Frisco is having been able to choose the color palette inside your home.  It’s advisable to stay with that same overall theme, but have fun with accent colors through the use of pillows, outdoor rugs, artwork and even umbrellas. You will achieve a more professional and polished look by sticking with just two or three colors.

With just a little effort and planning, your patio will truly be an inviting extension of your new home in Frisco, TX.