Luxury Living In Your Own Living Room

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Creating a luxurious living room at your new home in Frisco is not just about elegant, expensive materials and furniture – it’s about style, color, textures and finishes. Most importantly, it’s about creating a living area that is a reflection of you.

If you’re going for the luxury look, consider these points:

• Flooring. Flooring is the literal and visual foundation of a room. Wood can create a comfortable, cozy feel, and the right colors and finishes can make wood absolutely luxurious. Stone and tile are also luxurious, but tend to be cold; use them, but warm them up with rugs and carpets.

• Wall coverings. Add texture and shine with lavish wall coverings. Wallpaper is back, in a big way! The walls of your new home in Frisco are the backdrop for your furniture, and you have a wide range of colors, textures, patterns and finishes that will make your walls look elaborate and rich.

• Window treatments. Your window treatments work in concert with your wall coverings to set the stage in your living room. They define the space and ground the room with color, warmth and pattern. Of course, in addition to helping create a luxurious ambiance, window treatments can create privacy, conserve energy, protect your furnishings from direct sun and still allow you to enjoy seeing the beautiful outside areas of your new home in Frisco.

• Furniture. This is where function and style come together to create the luxury you desire. Traditional style tends to look more homey and lived-in; if you want more opulence, add ornate pieces and fine materials such as leather, wood and rich fabrics. Sleek designs can also be luxurious.

• Accessories. Add richness to your décor with the right accessories, including decorative vases, art, lighting (table top, wall and ceiling), and personal items, such as photographs, books and collections.