How to Decorate a Man Cave in Your New Home in Frisco

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A man cave is defined as “a dedicated area of a house, such as a study, office, basement, workshop or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.” But it’s not enough to simply designate an area in your new home in Frisco as “belonging” to the man (or men) in your family – you want it to be comfortable, functional and attractive. Here’s how to decorate a man cave:
• Invest in quality furnishings. Buy furniture that is built to last and that can stand up to tough use. Items don’t have to be new – vintage and antique pieces can work well in a man cave. Coffee tables need to be sturdy enough to double as foot rests and snack tables.
• Make it comfortable. This is a retreat, so it needs to be comfortable. Choose well-designed furniture created to fit the human form. Fabrics should be durable, such as leather, corduroy, tweed or denim.
• Keep it personal. This is the space in your new home in Frisco that is perfect for those “manly” collections and other objects that just don’t fit anywhere else but are meaningful to the man of the house. Showcase items from his past that he’ll enjoy reminiscing about.
• Choose strong colors and patterns. It needs to be boldly masculine – stripes, plaids, checks and geometrics. Don’t even think about florals or pastels.
• Get his input and opinion. Whether the man in your family is involved in any other aspect of decorating your new home in Frisco, he should be consulted about his man cave and his wishes respected – even if what he wants doesn’t match anything else in the house.