Getting to Know Your New Neighbors

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One of the things that really makes a house a home is the neighbors – when the people who live around you are friends you enjoy spending time with and know you can depend on. But today’s busy lifestyles make getting to know your neighbors a challenge. If you’ve just moved or are getting ready to move into a new home in Frisco, TX, here are some tips for meeting your neighbors:

• Hang out in front. Before air conditioning, houses were designed with large front porches that were essentially outdoor living spaces that made it easy for neighbors to interact. Look for ways to spend time in the front where you are likely to see your neighbors, whether it’s doing yard work, playing with the kids, reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening.

• Make the first move. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. If you see them outside, don’t just smile and keep going – strike up a conversation. Or periodically (maybe once a week) go to the home of someone you haven’t met yet. Take a small gift (cookies, tea, a small plant); keep it brief; and stay on the front porch – respect the fact that you weren’t invited or expected. Include a card with your name, phone number and address of your new home in Frisco, TX.

• Host a neighborhood gathering. It doesn’t have to be a fancy or labor-intensive party. Try a “bring your own glass” drop-in event scheduled for the late afternoon/early evening time frame. Serve wine, beer, juice and soft drinks along with simple snacks like chips or cheese and crackers. Make cute, casual invitations you can leave at your neighbors’ doors.

Finally, if you’re an established resident and you see a family move into a new home in Frisco, TX, head on over and be the first to welcome them to the neighborhood.