Get Fit with Water Workouts at Your New Home in Frisco, TX

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PoolFor a fun, full-body workout just head to the pool!  Water activities naturally strengthen your muscles and build endurance—plus they’re sweat-free.  Seriously, pool workouts are one of the best ways to stay fit—in fact, treading water burns just about the same amount of calories per minute as running a 6-minute-mile.

If you purchase that new home in Frisco at the gated, Richwoods community, you can try these exercises at a brand new resort-style pool.  The Richwoods pool, about 8,400 square feet, features a triple loop slide, zero entry area, and lap lane, as well as adult “pods” for quiet relaxation.  The pool also includes a volleyball net and basketball hoop.

Jumping jacks:  Feel like a kid again and give your inner and outer thighs a great workout with this exercise.  Begin with legs together, arms down, then jack arms and legs out wide—and back together.  For a more challenging routine, complete your reps without letting your feet touch the bottom of the pool.

Pike position:  To achieve this ab-strengthening V position, fall back into a sitting position while lifting both legs together—you’ll know you’re doing it right if you fold at the hips.   Next, tread water and move forward in the pike position—keeping your head and toes just above the surface.

Dolphin kicks:  Grab the side of the pool with one hand and push against the pool wall with your other hand—fingers pointing down.  Then, with knees and feet together, push out legs behind you at water level and begin to kick like a dolphin.  Kick as hard as you can for a toning butt workout.  If you can’t keep the dolphin kick going, try easy flutter kicks.

Arm lifts and punches:  Sculpt your arms with this exercise combination.  Begin in shoulder-deep water with arms down at your side.  Raise your arms out by your sides, then lower—the water’s resistance forces you to work hard to make these movements.  You can also bring arms up and together in front of you.  Follow with punches straight out in front of you—mix it up by punching down at angles or straight down by your sides.

Another idea to step up your water workout—walk or jog to the pool from your new Frisco, TX home to get your heart rate going and your muscles warmed up.